Ridiculous: Klay Thompson Arrested for Marijuana Possession


Klay Thompson, Washington State Cougar & USA Basketball phenom: Cannabis Consumer

The best basketball player on the Washington State Cougars and leading scorer in the PAC-10 has been arrested for marijuana possession. Add one more exceptional athlete to the ranks of marijuana users. And this is a class A narcotic with no medicinal value.

sbnation Klay Thompson was arrested Thursday night for the possession of a small amount of Marijuana, according to Seattle’s KOMO News. He was pulled over for having a malfunctioning headlight, which is how it always seems to begin. The arrest went down on Pullman’s College Hill, which borders Washington State’s campus.

[Russ adds: It is how it begins - an expired tag, a dead taillight, failure to signal, rolling through a stop sign, etc. If you are going to have weed in your vehicle, you need to do a front-to-back readiness check like a pilot checks out a crop duster before flight. You need to keep that weed in your trunk in an opaque (non-see-through) smell-proof container. And you need to drive like your Driver's Ed instructor is riding shotgun.]

He’ll miss the team’s next game, against the UCLA Bruins, having been cited with a misdemeanor after insisting he didn’t have any drugs in his vehicle.

[Russ adds: And this can be interpreted as lying to a cop, which can be used against you for an obstruction charge. Don't deny you have pot in your car if you do. Just shut up.]

Thompson has been the Washington St. Cougars best player this year, leading the team in points, assists, steals, and minutes. Losing him to legal troubles would jeopardize a two-game winning streak that had Cougars fans hoping for a chance to make it off the NCAA Tournament bubble.

WSU fans are understandably displeased. Coug Center is furious with the predicament, even if there somehow might be a reasonable excuse. SB Nation Seattle reminisces on Reggie Moore’s December arrest, also for marijuana possession.

[Russ adds: Then Washington State fans can throw their support behind the bill to legalize marijuana in the Evergreen State and behind Sensible Washington's initiative to do the same thing. Klay Thompson would be playing the next few games if he'd been caught with an unopened bottle of Jack Daniels - he turned 21 a month ago.]


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