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PA Woman Angeline O'Grady Suing US Airways Over Husband’s Missing Ashes

A Pennsylvania resident who was hoping to scatter her husband’s ashes in their hometown of Hull, England, never got the chance because the urn containing his remains somehow disappeared from her luggage on a US Airways flight.

Angeline O'Grady is now suing the airline over what happened to the ashes of her husband, Brian, while they were stored with her checked luggage.

O'Grady had planned on boarding the plane with Brian’s remains, but TSA agents told her she wasn't allowed to bring the cardboard box containing his urn through security. Their reason? “Its contents were not a solid substance,” The Daily Mail reported.

When she went to retrieve the ashes after the plane landed in England, they were gone. O'Grady said US Airways hasn’t been able to locate the ashes or explain where they might have gone.

"US Airways, rather than Mr. and Mrs. O'Grady, has had the last word in determining Mr. O'Grady's final resting place," her lawsuit reads. "He is not at peace.”

O'Grady's lawyer, Bill Goldman Jr., said US Airways' response to his client’s inquiries and his requests has been to "Ignore, ignore, ignore."

"While we certainly send our condolences to Mrs. O'Grady, US Airways' investigation into this matter did not uncover any information indicating that US Airways is responsible for this unfortunate incident," said US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie. "We, of course, will defend ourselves against this suit."

Goldman wants the details about what sort of investigation US Airways actually conducted. "To merely say that our investigation did not reveal anything is inadequate and it's an insult," he said.

“He was a great guy - he doesn't deserve this,” O'Grady said.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Philadelphia Daily News


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