Pennsylvania Mother Fights Homeowners Association To Keep Tribute To Army Vet Son

A mother of an Army major in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, has been told by her homeowners association to take down a Blue Star flag in her townhouse, Fox 29 reports.

Donna Morey told reporters she had been flying the Blue Star flag in her townhome at Tarrington Village in Hatfield for nearly a year. Her son, Army Maj. Donald Morey, uses the room when he is in between tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I want to display that for all who served, not only my son, but all who served,” Morey told Fox 29.

She received a phone call on Oct. 5 informing her she was violating the HOA rules. Specifically, the rules in question state that only white or off-white window treatments may be visible from outside the house.

“You've got to be kidding me,” she said. “Are they serious?”

The dimensions of the Blue Star flag are 8 inches wide by 14 inches long, but that has not stopped some of the Tarrington Village residents from complaining, reports Daily Mail.

Morey said she was told she has to make a written appeal for a temporary exemption to the rules if she wants to continue too keep the flag in her home.

“I don’t know if you call it an exemption,” she said. “I just need special permission from the architectural committee to be able to display it.”

She thinks having to write a letter to get permission is ridiculous, and she says she will not be doing it. Fox 29 sought comment from the owners of the Tarrington Village townhome complex, but did not hear back.

Aside from neighbors who complained about the flag, not everyone agrees with Morey. An Oct. 12 post made on Under the Radar, a military blog, for example, said that townhouse complexes often have strict regulations, which Morey should have known about. The post also suggested that Morey was being unreasonable by rejecting the chance to file for an exemption to the rules.

Sources: Fox 29, Daily Mail, Under The Radar / Photo credit: Fox 29


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