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PA Man Learns Not To Steal From A Former Cage Fighter (Video)

An unidentified Pennsylvania man learned the hard way not to commit armed robbery in a former cage fighter’s record shop.

Former MMA fighter Tom “Mate” Anderton, from England, is now the owner of Tom’s Music Trade in Red Lion, Pa.

When he spotted a man shoplifting on Dec. 7, he found the thief had more than records.

"I just caught him shoplifting. I pulled them (the records) out of his back pocket,” Anderton said. “I went to get the rest of the stuff in his pocket and when I did that, that’s when he pulled the knife out. And it was a big knife and that’s when it was on right there.”

The store, which he opened in 2006, had been a lifelong dream for the cage fighter. Anderton’s 12-year-old daughter was in the store during the incident.

“I grabbed his arm, started shouting ‘drop the knife,’” he said.

When the thief refused, the men struggled.

“I’m not actually trying to choke him out,” Anderton explained while narrating the surveillance video. “But he’s still struggling … he’s still … in a second I just put my hand on the back of his head, apply a bit more pressure and he just goes limp.”

"My friend Joe actually pried [the knife] out of his hand. He wouldn't give it up for nothing,” he added.

“You know, that’s it,” he continues. “I just pretty much let him go then and he’s calm after that pretty much.”

The man was charged with felony robbery.

Sources: TheBlazeThe Mirror


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