PA Man Killed In Unprovoked Road Rage Shooting, Police Fear It Will Happen Again


A man who made several 911 calls before his death was run off the road in Pennsylvania by an angry motorist and fatally shot after 15-mile chase, authorities said Friday.

There is no evidence that the victim, 28-year-old Timothy Davison, instigated or provoked the shooter, Pennsylvania State Police Capt. Steven Junkin said Friday.

Davison was driving home to Maine via Interstate 81 on Jan. 4. Police believe he may have encountered the shooter, who drove a "dark colored" Ford Ranger XLT pickup, on Interstate 70 in Maryland and traveled about 15 miles, with the shooter in pursuit.

The details of his 911 calls have not been released.

"This actor had murderous intent," said Junkin. "We obviously have an individual who was so incensed that he continued to pursue Mr. Davison."

Davison’s Mitsubishi Montero was forced of the road in Antrim Township, Penn. He was shot multiple times. His death was ruled a homicide.

"How concerned are we that it'll happen again?" Junkin asked. "We obviously have an individual out there who was so incensed that he continued to pursue Mr. Davison and took it to that next step. He murdered an individual for whatever slight that he perceived. Will this person do it again? We don't know. We don't want to take that chance."

A task force of local cops, FBI agents and state police from Pennsylvania and Maryland are currently searching for the killer.

Davison’s uncle, James Allocca, told CNN that his family just "wants justice before someone else gets hurt."

His relatives say the pipefitter and commercial welder was not an aggressive driver.

“He never sweated the small stuff,” his mother, Theresa Allocca, told the Press Herald. “If someone had cut him off, he might say ‘jerk’ and let it go. He wouldn’t have engaged in what we see on L.A. freeways. He just wanted to get home.”

His funeral service was held Saturday.

Sources: CNN, New York Daily News


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