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Pa. Man Gunned Down While Chasing Bank Robber

And now, for your hero of the day. Vincent Kelley, 46, of Washington, Pa., was fatally shot on Sunday while chasing after a bank robber. 

As he was reportedlyshopping at the Giant Eagle in Strabane Square, a man entered and robbed the Citizens Bank branch located inside the store.

"I saw [the robber] with his umbrella open, and it looked suspicious. It caught my eye," said James Cameron, 21, who was with Kelley at the time. "I just kind of ignored it for a minute and then I heard a scream from the bank."

Kelley was seen chasing after the thief, and even jumping into his moving vehicle as he attempting to speed away from the scene of the crime.

Cameron said he saw Kelley reach for a knife that he carries on his person, and then saw the robber fire off six rounds at Kelley.

"The guy pulled the gun on Vinnie right outside the store, and Vinnie didn't stop,” Cameron said. “He just kept going and I followed right behind him.”

Needless to say, this was not Kelley’s daughter, Sierra’s, idea of a good Fathers’ Day.

"He's a hero for what he did today,” she said. “I don't know what happened, but this is Father's Day and he's supposed to be with me ... I want whoever did this to know how much it hurts."

Police Chief Donald Zofchak warns others of the risks of chasing down criminals, saying "I certainly applaud a citizen's efforts to help society, but you see the ramifications; it cost him his life."

Source: Associated Press


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