Ox Rampages Through Brazilian Hospital As Nurses Run For Their Lives (VIDEO)

An ox was left unattended and got loose in the hallways of a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, making terrified nurses and visitors to run for cover.

CCTV footage from Hospital Francisco Limongi captured video of a visitor calmly walking on to a tight corridor when out of the blue she starts quickly running away out of shot, with two nurses following closely behind, Mirror.co.uk reports.

Suddenly, an ox comes into view charging its way down the corridor and smashing down a door as it chased the women out of sight of the camera.

According to Nine News, a large number of ox are known to roam Trajano de Moraes, a rural mountainous region of Rio. A lack of fencing and sufficient security was cited as the reason for the ox making its way inside the hospital.

It is believed that the ox became restless after becoming trapped in the building.

There were no injuries in the incident and the ox has been captured for return to the wild.


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