Owner Pleads For Dog's Life To Be Spared After He Bit Officer

A Michigan dog owner is asking the public for support while authorities decide whether or not to kill her dog Sarge after he bit a police officer.

In May, police arrived at the home of Kristine Vanderberg after a neighbor in Bay City, Michigan, complained about an earlier dispute. When the officer knocked on Vanderberg’s door, there was no answer, so he walked to the back of the house.

Sarge was in the backyard when the officer approached, and defending his home, he bit the officer, reports MLive.

At the time, Vanderberg was inside taking a nap, and after the bite, the officer began to shoot the dog with a stun gun. Ultimately, Sarge was taken in by Bay County Animal Control, and since then, Vanderberg has been fighting to save her beloved pet’s life.

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"I'm trying to be optimistic," Vanderberg said. "I'm thinking things are going to start moving in the right direction."

Since taking her plea public, Vanderberg has received support from people all over, and Facebook pages, petitions and online fundraisers have sprung up to support the dog.

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Photo Source: Save Sarge Facebook Page


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