Owner Of Dog Who Bit Little Girl Lashes Out At People Who Want It Euthanized

An Indiana man whose pit bull mauled a 7-year-old girl is fighting to save the dog from being euthanized.

Stan Butrym appealed a court decision that his 2-year-old dog Gus must be put to sleep for tearing up the leg of the 7-year-old neighbor.

He started a Facebook page for his dog trying to rally support.

"What ever happened to forgiveness? What is wrong with you hateful people who want and are eager for a cherished family member to die?" Butrym wrote on the page on April 23.

The page has seen its fair share of dissent.

“Saving Gus will not make the little girl heal slower. Saving Gus is not at the expense of the little girl. It’s not Gus or her,” Butrym wrote on Facebook.

The girl’s mother, Jessica Nygra spoke to the Daily News about the Feb. 23 incident and said she’s receive threats from pit bull advocates.

"My daughter underwent immediate surgery. She went under," Nygra told the Daily News. "It was the worst time of our entire life. She's still undergoing physical therapy."

Nygra says he daughter was playing with two other little girls, one 5 and the other 6, when Butrym came out of his home and started a snowball fight with the children. He left his garage door open, Gus got loose and allegedly charged the children.

Nygra supports having Gus euthanized for the safety of neighborhood residents. She says she’s received messages from angry pit bull advocates, stating things like “your brat deserves this.”

"We're not here to generalize an entire breed," Nygra said. "I have friends who own pit bulls and they never harmed anyone. I'm saying euthanize Gus because of what he did to our daughter. Period."

"I waited to see if they would do the right thing and euthanize the dog on their own," she said.

Furthermore she says Butrym owns more animals than is permitted in their neighborhood – two pit bulls, two Rottweilers and three cats.

"They need to get rid of three animals. That's the law," she told the Daily News.

Butrym's expected to appear in court again May 13.

Sources: New York Daily News, NBC Chicago


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