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Owner Of Dog Shot By San Diego Deputy: There Has To Be A Better Way

A San Diego woman says she blames herself for her one-year-old dog getting shot, but she still doesn’t understand why a sheriff’s deputy used lethal force.

Angelina Peck says her dogs, Brick and Lilly, accidently got out on Tuesday in the 1100 block of 14th street. She told NBC 7 that a deputy was sent to contain animals.

The deputy claims Peck’s female dog Lilly lunged at him and, fearing for his safety, he fatally shot the animal.

"The last thing we want to do is shoot somebody's pet," said Lt. Jason Vickery of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. "But sometimes, the situation arises where we don't have a choice and the deputies have to protect themselves as well as the public."

A sheriff’s official told NBC that the department doesn’t have official guidelines for dealing with pets and animal control is usually called to respond to loose dogs.

“I just hope [the sheriff’s department] comes up with some other way. Pepper spray, taser. I rather you hurt my dog for something that's recoverable than kill my dog,” Peck said.

Her other dog, Brick, is still recovering from sedation. She said she planed to pick him up on Wednesday morning.

"I'm dying inside right now," she said. "I really am, and I know some people may not understand."

Peck takes responsibility for the loss of Lilly.

"It was my job to protect her, and I failed at that."

Sources: NBC San Diego, UT San Diego


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