Owner Of Dog Shot And Killed By Police Suing For $1 Million In Damages


Any pet owner will tell you that their pet is not just an animal, but a part of their family. So when police unnecessarily shoot a pet, as has become all too common lately, it should be no surprise that its owner wants some justice.

Gary Branson is the former owner of a chocolate lab/pit bull mix named Chloe. Video went viral a while back of Chloe being shot five times by Commerce City, Colorado police officers. Many who watched the video (see below) believe the Commerce City officer used excessive force when he shot and killed Chloe.

The police officers were at Branson’s house in response to a call from a neighbor who said a “territorial and aggressive” dog was roaming the community. On the video, Chloe is seen in a garage barking at officers. After several minutes, one of the officers managed to place Chloe in a catch pole. Once restrained, the officer shot the dog five times. The end of the video shows Chloe lying dead on the ground. All of the officers involved in the shooting were cleared of any wrongdoing.

But Branson, who owned Chloe since she was a puppy, maintains that the police had no reason to shoot his dog. He has now filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages. He says Chloe was a close companion of his and played a key role in helping him recover from a triple bypass surgery in 2009.

"She motivated me," Branson said. "When you have a surgery like that, that's going to bring you down. She was always there to perk me up, whether it was by licking my toes or begging for a bone. She just brightened my day, every day.

“I can’t replace Chloe. There are so many dogs being shot needlessly it needs to come to a stop.”

Here is video of the shooting:

Sources: UPI, Denver Post


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