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Owner Of Cursed Multi-Million Dollar Watch Dies Two Days Before Sale

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The seller of a multi-million dollar watch, which is known to hold a deadly curse, has died just two days before he was slated to sell the prized timepiece.

Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani, reportedly one of the richest men in the world, died on Sunday in his London home. Sheikh was 48 years old and bought the watch in 2003 for $11 million. The 1933 Patek Philippe sold for on Tuesday for 15 million Euros.

According to the Daily Mail, the famous piece, called the holy grail of watches, was originally owned by American banker Henry Graves, Jr. Graves approached Patek Philippe in 1925 to build him the “most complicated watch” on the planet, complete with 24 settings and two faces. One of the two faces displays the phase of the moon, while another shows the New York sunset. The watch also features a stopwatch, alarm, and a calendar.

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Soon after the watch was completed, Graves began to suffer from a series of tragedies and bouts with bad luck. Only seven months after he received the watch, Graves’ best friend died, and a few months later his son died in a car wreck. Following the tragic incidents, Graves considered tossing the watch in the ocean but ultimately decided against it. It was given to his daughter and later passed down to his grandson before being housed at a museum.

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Sheikh, who had admired the watch for some time, acquired it for his personal collection before being forced to give it to Sotheby’s and sell it to help pay off debt related to legal trouble with the High Court in London.

Sheikh’s death is said to have been unexpected, and details have yet to be released as to the cause of his passing. The buyer reportedly paid 23 million Swiss francs for the cursed timepiece.

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Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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