Owner Of Chemical Company Falsely Accused Of Operating Meth Lab


Real life parallels to the recently-concluded AMC series ‘Breaking Bad’ continue popping up, with the discovery of a high school chemistry teacher that sold methamphetamine as well as a Montana man named Walter White that was recently arrested for dealing the drug. In Canada, however, police may have overreacted in their attempts to curb the illegal production of the substance. 

Canadian police allegedly raided a warehouse and the apartment of a business owner, claiming him to be operating a meth lab. The authorities found the warehouse to be in production of several chemicals that can be used in the meth creation process, and so they deemed Bakhtiari to be in charge of a meth cooking operation. 

In fact, the man, Kourosh Bakhtiari, worked at the Ultrascience Male Research Corp, a company that makes legal chemicals. Since the raids and subsequent accusations, Bakhtiari and his company have sued the Canadian government for defamation, Court House News reports. Bakhtiari also sued the Vancouver Sun for running an article linking Bakhtiari with the creation of methamphetamine and linking him to the Hell’s Angels. Both cases were filed in British Columbia’s Supreme Court. 

“Bakhtiari was not, is not and never has been a member or affiliate of any ‘B.C. biker gang’, nor were he and/or Ultrascience involved in the manufacture or distribution of illicit narcotics including methamphetamines,” the complaint reads.

The original Vancouver Sun article listed Bakhtiari’s local address as well as personal information regarding his company, explicitly claiming that his warehouse was used as a meth lab.  


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