Owner Of Arkansas Dog With Fireworks Strapped To Body Found


Arkansas police have found the owner of a dog with severe wounds who had fireworks strapped to its body.

Officials said they are investigating whether the owner abused the 8-year-old rat terrier. If so, the abuser up could face up to $1,000 in fines or a year in jail, according to 5 News online.

The dog, whose name is Tinkerbelle, has been staying at the Centerton Animal Shelter since it was found last week by neighbors. While Tinkerbelle does not have any broken bones, the dog was reportedly having a tough time walking Thursday.

Tinkerbelle was spotted with open wounds, no collar and fireworks strapped to her torso when neighbors called authorities to come help her, said local animal caretaker DJ Ritchie.

“People that let dogs get into this condition,” Ritchie said. “I just don’t have any words.”

To help save Tinkerbelle, the Centerton Animal Shelter started a fundraiser on GoFundMe and have raised $3,990 so far.

“We don’t know what all the scars are, but they are old and healing,” reads the post on GoFundMe. “The vet says she needs to be on fluids for a few days, so I am asking for your help to save this precious girl.”

Source: 5 News, Image Credit: 5 News


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