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Own Stock? Vote to Help Animals

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Sometimes, in order to beat ‘em, you have to join ‘em. That’s what PETA does when we buy stock (or use stock donated to us by supporters) in companies that conduct experiments on animals so that we can submit shareholder resolutions against animal testing.  This year, PETA has submitted resolutions to General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer , which have shareholder meetings  coming up in the next few weeks, and Bayer, Proctor & Gamble, and Covance, whose meetings aren’t far behind.

We’re calling for more transparency regarding the experiments that these companies conduct, accountability for not meeting minimum animal welfare regulations, and increased use of non-animal methods. Anyone who owns stock in these companies can vote in favor of PETA’s resolutions.

Pfizer and Bayer both contracted out their experiments to notorious animal hellhole Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS) until the facility shut down following a PETA investigation. Aside from the pain of toxicity testing, animals at PLRS endured oozing wounds, abscessed teeth, parasite infestations, bloody feces, hematomas, infections, and physical and verbal abuse by employees.

Because our resolutions appear in materials that go to all stockholders (educating them about cruel polices), most of the companies challenged PETA's resolutions, but our attorneys fought hard and won the right to take our case to the shareholders.

If you or anyone you know holds stock in these companies, please vote in favor of PETA’s shareholder resolutions. If you would like to donate stock in a company so that PETA can file a shareholder resolution, e-mail

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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