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Over Half Of NYC Mayoral Candidates Admit Having Smoked Marijuana

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According to a recent survey conducted by the New York Observer’s Politicker blog, at least six of the New York City mayoral candidates have smoked marijuana.

Admitting to marijuana use are candidates spanning party lines. Among them are Democrats Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, and Bill Thompson; Republicans Joe Lhota and George McDonald; and Independent candidate Adolfo Carrion, Jr.  

“She has,” said a spokesperson for Christine Quinn, the Democratic frontrunner for the position. “And she supports medical marijuana.”

When the question was posed to Bill de Blasio, his spokesperson replied that he “tried it in college, has not used it since.”

Current New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg numbers among the admitted users, having stated before his election that he had not only tried it, but also enjoyed it.

Two candidates, John Liu and Sal Albanese, responded that they had never tried marijuana; however, both candidates support a proposition to legalize marijuana in New York City.

All of the respondent candidates have relatively progressive positions on marijuana laws, ranging from decriminalization to outright legalization. As New York City is currently the marijuana arrest capital of the country, the candidates’ stances will likely affect change in the city’s marijuana arrest policies in years to come.

Sources: NY Daily News, Huffington Post


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