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Lawsuit: Ex-Wife Claims Subway Knew Fogle Was A Predator

The ex-wife of famous former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, who was imprisoned on child pornography charges in 2015, claims the fast-food chain knew Fogle was a pedophile but did nothing about it.

Fogle's ex-wife, Kathleen McLaughlin, is now filing a lawsuit against Subway, TMZ reports.

The legal documents claim a senior executive received a complaint in 2004 that Fogle had approached a young girl for a sex act during a Subway promotional event.

The suit also alleges multiple complaints were filed afterward, but Subway did nothing.

McLaughlin says if Subway had reported Fogle in 2004, she would have never married him in 2010.

Instead, she says, the sandwich chain knowingly advertised Fogle as a family man, which included using likenesses of the couple's two children in 2015.

Since then, the ad ran more than 2,300 times, reportedly causing "great damage" to the family.

“I filed this lawsuit because I have questions,” she said, the New York Daily News reports. “Questions that someday my children will ask me and that I imagine the families of the 14 victims are asking. Questions to which I have no other way to get answers. Questions like, ‘What did Subway know and when did they know it?’”

“The safety of kids was not a priority but Subway’s bottom line was,” she added.

The lawsuit has sparked debate among many.

Some went so far as to express rage at the ex-wife herself, with some claiming she's only in it for the money.

"She had to have known as well," wrote one woman on TMZ's Facebook page. "Therefore shouldn't she be charged for that?"

Many also criticized the ex-wife for "blaming" Subway.

"Subway isn't responsible for her not getting to know the perv better before marrying him," said another user. "Those things do show up. He's sick and only he is to blame."

Others empathized with Fogle's ex-wife's position.

"Had she have known his tendencies..or sickness..she is saying she never would have married him," responded one woman, adding that the ex-wife isn't blaming Subway for his behavior, but for acting unethically by withholding this information from the public. "And since subway did the commercial knowing he is a pedophile..she is angry her and her children were misrepresented..just to make more money for subway."

The user also defended the ex-wife, adding that she probably didn't have a clue that he was a pedophile as some claimed.

"Those kinds of people hide [their] sickness very well and know how to blend in with society," she wrote. "How else are they able to take advantage of all the opp to be around kids."

Sources: TMZ, New York Daily News, Facebook/TMZ / Photo Credit: anna Hanks/Flickr

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