Over 1,000 Stolen Cats Rescued Just Before Being Sold For Meat And Fur


Police in China arrested a group responsible for stealing over 1,000 now-freed cats to be sold for meat and fur.

Reports say that police in the Liaoning Province of China apprehended a group of six people who stole the cats, both wild and domestic, in order to traffic them to other places for food and fur.

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Some of the cat owners who had their animals stolen from them say they found the men roaming the area at night looking for more cats to steal, and at the end of the month-long investigation, the pet owners notified police, who eventually stormed the group’s headquarters and discovered the 1,000 felines.

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According to reports, more than 300 cats have already been returned to their owners, although police say it would probably be impossible to find the original owners of all 1,000 cats.

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Sources:Daily Mail, Sky News, Inquisitr / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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