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Mother Of Girl Killed By Ex: 'There were signs I missed'

Connie Adams, the mother of a 19-year-old Texas girl who was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend is haunted by the warning signs she missed.

Lizzie Adams, 19, and her boyfriend, James Tews, 20, were killed in May with a shotgun. The father of Lizzie's two children, Christopher Rubio, has been charged with the murder, according to WFAA.

"I didn't know," Connie said. "I've seen bruises here and there but she just said that she fell or she bumped something."

Lizzie and Rubio dated in high school. By the time Lizzie graduated, she had one child and was pregnant with another.

“She wasn't the perfect mom but she was also young, but other than that she would spend her whole paycheck on her kids,” Connie said.

In 2015, Lizzie and Rubio broke up, and Lizzie began dating Tews, although she still lived with Rubio.

"I've never seen her so happy. I've never seen that sparkle," Connie said.

Lizzie kept the new relationship secret from Rubio, fearing his reaction.

On May 18, the same day Lizzie and Tews were killed, Connie became aware of the fact that Rubio was abusing her daughter. Lizzie showed her the bruises, which included a black eye.

"James was like, 'I want you to look at this,' and he was showing me the bruises on her and he goes, 'This is what he's doing,' but I didn't want to believe it," Connie recalled.

When she asked Lizzie why she hadn't mentioned the abuse before, Lizzie responded that she was afraid. She then suggested that they call the police while Tews took pictures of the injuries.

"I honestly didn't know what to do," Connie said. She was having a difficult time processing the fact that Rubio, whom she thought she knew so well, was capable of such violence.

In the meantime, they moved Lizzie's belongings into Connie's apartment.

"Three hours later, I went to the store and when I got home my daughter was dead," Connie said.

Rubio reportedly entered the apartment with a shotgun after realizing that Lizzie had left. Lizzie and Tews hid in the bathroom, and Rubio fired a shot through the door, hitting Tews in the stomach. He then entered the bathroom and shot Tews once again before shooting Lizzie in the neck. Rubio fled as Lizzie and Tews died.

Connie got home before the police arrived.

"I ran upstairs screaming for James and Lizzie," she said. "I pushed open my bathroom door and there was blood just flowing everywhere."

Rubio was later arrested after a brief standoff with police.

Since that day, Connie has been plagued by regret.

"You know maybe I should have listened to her," she said. "Maybe I should have called the police, you know, regardless of whether he was doing it or not. At least they could have investigated it to find out."

Lizzie's siblings are in counseling to help them cope with the loss of their sister.

"She was the sunshine of our lives," Carolyn Crawford, Lizzie's grandmother, told KDFW. "If we were down or anything, she always made us laugh."

Ultimately, Connie hopes that sharing her daughter's story will help prevent similar tragedies in the future.

"There were signs I missed," she said. "If you know someone that's being abused or if you see something or they tell you something, take it serious and get them as far away as you can. Get them help."

Sources: WFAAKDFW / Photo credit: WFAA

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