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Angry Girlfriend Attacks Stripper Mid-Lapdance (Video)

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Footage of a jealous girlfriend furiously pushing a stripper off her boyfriend mid-lapdance has gone viral (video below).

In the clip, a man can be seen sitting down for a lap dance at a strip club -- thought to be in the Philippines -- as the stripper saunters over to him.

She is wearing a white t-shirt, high heels and red bikini. Right as she starts to slowly remove her shirt, the man’s alleged girlfriend quickly rushes in and shoves the exotic dancer to the ground.

The outraged woman grabs her boyfriend and drags him away.

Footage of the incident was posted to Facebook by a man from Ghana named Berthold Winkler and has garnered more than two million views and 25,000 shares, according to the Daily Mail.

Some users have even sided with the boyfriend.

One reader commented: “God I wouldn't even care if that was my bloke! It's middle of a packed pub, it's a show, it's not like he's going to cheat.”

While others have pointed out that the man should not have taken his girlfriend to the strip club.

Another reader wrote, “No wife will feel good about that......but this guy is fool enough to bring his wife there.... and the wife is brave enough to take action...."

Sources: Daily Mail, Berthold Winkler/Facebook / Photo credit: Top News/YouTube

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