Waffle House Waitress Fired For Pulling Gun On Robbers

A waitress at a Georgia Waffle House restaurant was fired from her job after she pulled a gun on three robbers.

According to WSB-TV, Heather Stanley was fired from her job as a server at a Newnan, Georgia, Waffle House after pulling a gun on three men who robbed the chain restaurant.

Police say three robbers handed a note to another waitress, threatening to shoot everybody in the restaurant unless she gave them money. Stanley then left the restaurant and went to her car to get a gun.

Stanley fired a single shot into the air, causing the robbers to run to their cars.

"I didn't know if they had guns," Stanley told WSB-TV. "I didn't know if they were going to their vehicle to get another one and could come back and try to get to the safe, so my instinct was to go to my car and get the gun."

Stanley says that she fired the shot in an attempt to protect the restaurant and her coworkers, but that she was fired from her job anyway.

"For trying to protect their Waffle House and trying to protect their money and to get their money back, they let me go," she said.

According to the Daily Mail, the three men stole $200 from the Waffle House. 

Now, Stanley has started a GoFundMe page, asking for financial help after losing her job. On the GoFundMe page, she explained, "I am a mother of three children and have a disabled husband."

"Being the sole income [earner], short term assistance would be welcomed to help make ends meet until I can secure another job," Stanley wrote on the GoFundMe page. "Any and all donations would be graciously appreciated."

Stanley says she is actively seeking another job following the incident.

"I know what I did," Stanley said. "To myself I felt it was right and wouldn't hesitate, I would do it again."

A police report for the robbery does not state whether or not Stanley will face charges for firing the shot.

Sources: WSB-TVDaily Mail / Photo credit: WSB-TV via Daily Mail

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