Rose McGowan Is Left Off TIME Cover, Outrage Ensues (Photo)

Rose McGowan Is Left Off TIME Cover, Outrage Ensues (Photo) Promo Image

Actress-turned activist Rose McGowan has been one of the most well-known and outspoken leaders of the #MeToo moment, so it came as a surprise to many that she was left off the cover of Time magazine's edition that named the women behind the movement as the "Person of the Year."

The cover features five women -- including actress Ashley Judd and pop star Taylor Swift -- in addition to part of another anonymous woman whose head is out of the frame.

"Where is Rose Mcgowan as one of 'The Silence Breakers' you morons at Time Magazine?" wrote one disgruntled Twitter user, according to the Daily Mail.

McGowan was among the first to publicly call out disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, whom she said raped her at the beginning of her acting career.

"Happy for all the silence breakers and imma let you finish but the PERSON of the year, singular -- the one who got the ball rolling -- was Rose McGowan," said another social media user. "Time should've given it to her, [because] that woulda created a more compelling historical document than the amorphous 'silence breakers.'"

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Many people were unhappy that Taylor Swift ended up on the cover, since she generally does not speak out about politics or social issues, though she did sue Denver radio DJ David Mueller after she said he reached up her skirt and grabbed her rear end.

Still, a number of folks felt that there were more deserving candidates.

"Putting Taylor Swift on the cover of Time instead of Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, or any of the women accusing Trump feels like a slap in the face to the entire movement," another person wrote.

One Twitter user said Swift practices "super fake feminism" that "should cancel … out" the strides she made with the lawsuit.

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"She is NOT a part of the "Me Too" movement…" said another. "I think that is a play to sell mags and I think that is dishonest."

Another person said that if the Time editors really wanted a face from the music industry, they should have gone with pop singer Kesha, whom one person said "risked her whole career and has suffered for 5 years" for accusing a producer of raping her.

McGowan is featured prominently on the graphic that appears on main "#MeToo" web article, which does mention her briefly, while the magazine includes a separate interview with her in which she says she wants to slay the proverbial "boogie man" by stopping sexual abuse "in every industry."

"What I do with my work is, I give women permission to be angry," the artist told Time. "Because it's been taken away from us. Because we've been silenced. … I'm not interested in worrying in if I make people uncomfortable. I'm interested in stopping women and children dying -- that's what I'm interested in. Especially via rape culture."

Sources: Daily Mail, Time (2) / Featured Image: Pixnio / Embedded Images: CNN/Twitter, Rose McGowan/Twitter

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