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Outrage: Racist Video At Washington State University (Video)

A clip from a demonstration in favor of President Donald Trump in November 2016 at Washington State University in Pullman recently surfaced in an edited racist video (below) that is causing outrage on campus.

WSU President Kirk Schulz issued a statement on May 4, notes KREM:

It directly impacted our students of color studying for final exams. I have said this before and will repeat it once again. The attitudes, the behavior, and the language expressed in the video are not acceptable.

It’s not acceptable to me, our senior leadership, or the greater Cougar community. Individuals with those beliefs are not welcome in our community.

We will recommit, in our actions as well as our words, to building a truly welcoming and inclusive environment at WSU. We are not progressing quickly enough.

The video features a white male Trump supporter wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and a male cameraman arguing with a group of African-American female students during the demonstration in 2016, notes The Spokesman-Review.

The video is edited with rap music playing over a clip of what appears to be black people in Africa. At one point the video cuts back to the black college students, freeze frames, and shows the words "Maybe you should go back to Africa..."

There is another edit with rap music over black people who appear to be Africans.

The video ends with an unidentified male saying, "I do not associate with n******."

The video was originally posted on a Facebook page belonging to "Ultra Meme Lord." The page was taken down, but not before copies of the video were made and posted on social media.

James Allsup, the WSU campus College Republicans president who organized the pro-Trump demonstration, said he filmed much of that footage, which he insisted was used in the racist video without his permission.

Allsup responded to the controversy on Twitter:

In perhaps the most hilariously embarrassing moment for WSU’s admin this year, they’ve launched a full investigation -- into a meme. Essentially, the FB page "Ultra Meme Lord" used content from my YouTube channel to create a pretty overtly racist meme video.

Here’s the thing though: this video can’t even be traced back to WSU. An anonymous Facebook meme page created it. Just further evidence that universities are nothing more than bubble-wrapped safe space havens that need a good popping.

Allsup was asked about his views on race, and referred to Richard Lynn, a British professor who is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as the "most unapologetic and raw 'scientific' racists operating today, arguing, among other things, that nations with high average IQs must subjugate or eliminate lower-IQ groups, which he associates with particular racial groups, in order to preserve their dominance."

Several tweets condemned the video:

[@WSU_Cougar_Pres] I am so fed up w all this bulls*** & ur passiveness toward hate speech on our campus under the guise of "freedom of speech."

Here at WSU poc are constantly getting targeted and belittled, makes me sick to my stomach. Smh.

Unity is everything and ignorance is fought with proactive determination, intelligence and action with numbers. Make your voices be heard.

There have been other instances of racism and anti-immigrant displays on the campus.

Warning: This video contains graphic language.

Sources: KREM, The Spokesman-Review, Southern Poverty Law Center / Photo credit: Iidxplus/Wikimedia Commons

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