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Outrage Over Anti-Black Lives Matter Posting By Teacher

Parents are outraged because of comments relating to the Black Lives Matter movement that were posted on Facebook by a teacher who is reportedly employed by an Arkansas elementary school.

The July 10 Facebook posting went live during a Black Lives Matter protest in Memphis that caused the closure of a highway, notes WREG:

Omg!! These people protesting on the their a--- over or take them to jail. The bridge is not a pedestrian walkway. Y’all better thank the lord I’m not on the bridge because I would be shot acting a fool. Black lives matter well no s--- all lives matter!!

This crap is on my nerves. If these people had jobs to go to I bet they would be protesting to bed instead of acting like fools and not accomplishing a damn thing! Don't like my language...sorry I can't handle ignorance so feel free to delete me.

The teacher followed up by commenting on her original post: "[I]f you are stupid enough to act like a fool on a bridge then your life doesn’t matter… So jump in the damn river and do us all a favor."

Michelle Turner, a local mom, told the news station: "When you’re a teacher, you’re supposed to have grace. No matter what color your skin is, you have to have grace to even teach these babies."

"I don’t want someone with hatred in their heart to be teaching my children," Turner added.

Gosnell School District refused to name the teacher or confirm if she works at its elementary school, but said the posting was under review.

Parents have reportedly filed a complaint about the teacher with the Arkansas Department of Education.

Carol Swain, a conservative African-American law professor at Vanderbilt University, slammed Black Lives Matter on July 9 on CNN:

...I believe that it's been a very destructive force in America, and I urge all of your viewers to go to that website and look at what they're really about. It's a Marxist organization all about black liberation. It's not really addressing the real problems affecting African-Americans and so it's problematic, it's misleading black people, it needs to go.

However, on the same broadcast, Areva Martin, a civil rights attorney, countered: "That is absolutely ridiculous. Black Lives Matter has done more to move the needle on reforms in the criminal justice system than elected officials and community leaders all over this country."

Laurella Willis, a white woman in Chicago, has recently been carrying a sign through black neighborhoods that says, "Black America, I’m Sorry!!" WBBM reported on July 12.

Willis said she walks 20 miles a day with her sign because she is sorry about "everything that’s going on in America."

"I don’t want to continue to see Black America being oppressed, and held down and killed like animals," Willis told the news station.

Sources: WREG, CNN, WBBM / Photo Credit: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

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