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Outrage Over Hustler Truck on Streets of San Francisco

City officials in San Francisco are looking to put the brakes on a truck that features mobile strippers.

CBS13 Sacramento reports that the truck promoting Larry Flynt's Hustler Club was parked every night on the same street corner for the past month. The side of the truck is clear, allowing people to see a woman spinning on a stripper pole inside.

“[The truck is] right by the Anza Branch Library and half a block from an elementary school,” said City Supervisor Eric Mar.

Mar had the truck towed because it had expired tags, but it was released from the impound lot and turned up on another corner.

San Francisco has had a law for the past 20 years that bans vehicles commercially advertising from roaming the streets. Still, Mar said he is working on a new law that would immediately tow away any such truck.

“We don’t want this truck in our neighborhood,” Mar said.


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