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Outrage Grows Over Movie Based on Sandy Hook Massacre

Many are outraged over a French filmmaker who is planning to make a movie based on the Sandy Hook massacre.

Jonathan Bucari went to Connecticut recently, just two months after the shootings, and scouted out a town to begin filming in. He decided upon Ridgefield, a town just 20 miles from Newtown. He said he chose it because “it has the same look and feel as Newtown.”

While Bucari doesn’t plan to base the film off of the actual shootings, he plans to center his plot around a 13-year-old boy who is mentally disturbed, and becomes even more disturbed after the tragedy. He has titled it “Illness.”

So far, Bucari has received strongly negative reactions.

Ridgefield Film Commissioner Allison Stockel said she has already received dozens of calls from angered residents. Ridgefield’s First Selectman Rudy Marconi said he would “never approve the filming of a movie related to the subject of the Newtown shooting.”

Bucari is not an experienced filmmaker, and has only released one TV movie. An Indieagogo campaign he created has only raised $620.

He also recently took down the Facebook page for “Illness,” likely because of the negative reactions.

Stockel told reporters, “If it’s about Newtown, people here don’t want a film on this, now or ever.”

Though people don’t want it, it is likely it will happen someday. Salon reporter Mary Williams pointed out that many movies have been based on horrific tragedies, like “Elephant,” “United 93,” and “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Williams also said many TV shows base their plots off tragedies involving children, like the frequent molestation and murder cases of CSI, Law and Order: SVU, and Criminal Minds.

TV show Bones recently had an episode involving the death of a teenage boy, while show The Following featured an episode about a child being tutored in how to kill.

Bucari’s attempt to make a movie based off the Sandy Hook tragedy, “won’t be, assuredly, the first - or last - of its kind,” she wrote.



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