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Topshop Mannequin's Ridiculously Skinny Legs Spark Outrage (Photo)

Outrage was sparked on the Internet after a woman posted a photo of a friend comparing her thighs to thighs on a mannequin at a Topshop store.

The photo was tweeted by Becky Hopper after she and her friend went to the UK clothing store to shop. When her friend posed next to one of the mannequins, Hopper says she was shocked at how skinny the mannequin’s legs were compared to her friend, who is a normal size.

“The girl on the left is a size 8/10,” wrote Hopper of her friend. Size 8/10 is equivalent to size 4/6 here in the United States. She included the hashtag “#poorbodyimage” along with the tweet to get her point across.

The picture quickly went viral, and people all over social media expressed their frustration that the store would send such an inappropriate message about female body image to its customers.

“My 4 yr old’s legs aren’t even that skinny,” tweeted one user. “It’s absolutely frightening.”

“It’s awful that a brand as big as Topshop is promoting this image as ‘the norm’ – they should know better,” another person tweeted.

So far, Topshop has yet to respond to the controversy surrounding their mannequin display.

Sources: WABC, The Independent


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