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Veteran Obama Released Early Back In Jail

A 68-year-old Texas veteran freed from a life sentence by former President Barack Obama is now back in jail. 

Authorities say Robert Martinez Gill was on the run from police for a drug deal before getting involved in a crash, KCEN reports.

Police arrested Gill on Feb. 3 and charged him for both possessing drugs and intending to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine. 

Gill was arrested in 1992 and later thrown in jail for cocaine and heroin distribution conspiracy. He was sentenced to spend the remainder of his life in prison.

However, Gill petitioned Obama to commute his sentence multiple times, reports My San Antonio.

"I believed there were people in government with rational minds who sooner or later would realize that the sentence wasn’t fair," Gill said in 2016. "Yes, you have the thought that you’re going to die in prison -- that’s a human reaction. But there’s always the possibility that they’ll acknowledge the injustice."

Gill explained he fell into illegal drugs during his military service in Vietnam, The Washington Times reports. When he came back home, he turned into an addict and entered the drug trade.

"I had a talent that I could have used to sell anything -- hardware, refrigerators, homes -- and I squandered it," once said Gill, who eventually lost two of his marriages and damaged relations with his children because of drugs. "I got caught up in the music, the cars, the clothes, the image."

Obama eventually let Gill -- along with 1700 other inmates sentenced to prison in the 1990s -- off early in 2015.

"You have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around," Obama wrote then, adding, "Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.”

Gill returned to civilian life using the legal education he received in jail to work as a paralegal in San Antonio, Texas, for a criminal defense firm before his arrest.

He could now face anywhere between five to 40 years back in prison. 

Sources: KCEN, My San Antonio, Heat Street , Washington Times  / Photo Credit: John Davenport/San Antonio Express-News

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