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'We Didn't Feel Secure In Our Own Home': Family Speaks Out After Someone Hacks Into Baby Monitor Camera

An Indianapolis family says they were violated in their own home when someone hacked into their baby monitoring system and made inappropriate noises.

“Our privacy was just invaded,” Jared Denman told CBS4 Indy.

The Denmans had purchased a video baby monitoring system to keep an eye on their 2-year-old daughter. On Wednesday, the mother was reportedly playing with the child when they suddenly heard music coming from the baby monitor.

“Someone was playing ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police,” Denman said.

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The mother thought it was a joke at first. She eventually realized someone had hacked into the camera.

“He started doing sexual noises on the camera,” said Denman.

After searching online, Denman discovered that the person who hacked into his baby monitoring system has most likely done it before. Several videos online show similar hacks where the same song is played over the speakers.

“It agitated me a lot because who is to know if those people are even aware that the videos have been posted online,” Denman said. “We kind of felt violated and we didn’t feel secure in our own home.”

David Szpunar, the Vice President of technical services at PC Help Services, said the best way to stop hackers is to make it difficult for them to infiltrate your home internet network.

“It tends to be quite easy, especially when there is a hole found in a particular device and somebody publishes some method online,” Szpunar said. “You can make sure you have a strong wireless network password in case someone is nearby and wants to bypass your firewall completely.”

The Denmans said they did not change the factory pre-set username and password that came with the camera, making it relatively easy for the hacker to gain access.

“The biggest advice I have for other parents is to change the username and password,” said Denman.

Sources: CBS4 Indy, Fox 59

Photo Credit: Screenshot from CBS4 Indy, Wikipedia


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