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Osvaldo Rivera Sentenced to 110 Years in Prison For Raping Amber Andujar, 14, and Killing Dominick Andujar, 6

Amber Andujar was just 12 years old when Osvaldo Rivera, 33, brutally raped her, slashed her throat and killed her 6-year-old brother, Dominick Andujar, in September of 2012.

Amber, now 14, survived the attack but showed her scars in court this week as she watched Rivera get sentenced to 110 years in prison for murder, attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault. 

Rivera broke into the Andjuar home in Camden, New Jersey, and raped Amber at knifepoint. Dominick tried to save his sister, but Rivera slit Dominick’s throat open with a sawing motion in front of Amber and then slashed her throat. 

After Rivera fled the scene, Amber slipped on her brother’s blood before running through her neighborhood, screaming for help as her throat bled. First responders said the cuts were so deep they could see Amber’s vocal cords. She later helped the police track down her attacker, and Rivera was apprehended a short while later.

Rivera, who will not be eligible for parole for 91 years, did not show any emotion as he was sentenced, although he initially pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

"I want this animal to suffer," said Debbie Burgos, Amber and Dominick’s mother. "He deserves to fear for his life like my children did in their own home.”

Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson echoed the sentiment and described Rivera as the “personification of cowardice and evil.”

"There is no sentence or punishment harsh enough for this amoral individual,” he said.

Amber bravely gave a statement in court in front of Rivera: “Today I stand here as a survivor. Even though [Rivera] took a part of me away, in the end, you did not win.

"We won because I made it.”

Sources: Courier Post, Daily Mail / Image via South Jersey Times


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