Osama Bin Laden Shot in Left Eye, Mansion Hiding Place Details


We are learning more details Monday morning about the daring mission that killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, as well as his mansion hiding place.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Bin Laden was hiding in the town of Abbottabad, named for James Abbott, the Brit who founded the town. Bin Laden didn't pick an inconspicuous hideaway -- the thee-story $1 million mansion was much larger than other homes in the area, had a ten-foot high security wall and was actually positioned near a military academy.

The mansion was shut-off from the outside world -- there was no phone or Internet service. Even garbage collectors weren't allowed on the grounds; instead, the occupants of the compound burned their own trash.

Last August, intelligence agents had a possible lead that Bin Laden was hiding there. It seemed so implausible -- why would the most wanted man in the world, who spent years hiding in remote caves, now pick such a visible place?

The intelligence community spent the next eight months confirming that Bin Laden was indeed there. A week ago, President Obama was shown photographic proof that Bin Laden was indeed the compound, and on Sunday -- under Obama's direction -- the operation was launched.

At about 1:15 a.m. local time, four U.S. helicopters took off from Ghazi air base in Pakistan carrying a small group of Navy Seals to the compound. In a 40-minute firefight, Bin Laden was shot in the left eye and killed. Three of his men were also killed, one of which is believed to be one of Osama's eleven sons. A woman they tried to use as a human shield was also killed.

None of the Navy Seals was injured.

But the operation did not go without a hitch. The helicopter that landed inside the walls of the compound had mechanical problems and could not take off. The Seals burned the helicopter as they carried Bin Laden's body away on foot.

Bin Laden was able to evade capture for nearly 10 years after 9/11, but no more -- Osama Bin Laden is dead and Americans have their long-sought justice.


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