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Orphaned Baby Elephant Rescued After Refusing to Leave Mother's Side

Rescuers found a 5-month-old elephant clinging to his dead mother in Samburu, Kenya recently and managed to save the dehydrated baby by sedating and transporting it to an elephant orphanage.

Sokotei, the baby elephant, stood vigil by his mother when she succumbed to an infection. Rescuers were concerned that he would die of cold or be eaten by predators and initially attempted to aid him. However, when he refused to move, the rescue team sedated him.

The rescuers, who work for the Orphans Project, normally take care of elephants who have been orphaned by poachers.

When Sokotei arrived at the orphanage he was given milk and water, then brought out to be greeted by 30 other orphans. According to rescuers, he quickly made friends.

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“Once Sokotei is old enough, he will spend time going out into the bush to meet other friends,” Rob Brandford, director of The David Sheldrink Wildlife Trust, said. “If [elephants] have no memory of living wild, it can take eight years before they are in a position to survive.”

Rescuers reported that Sokotei will eventually be able to return to the wild and live on his own.

Sources: Inquisitir, Metro


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