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Orlando Woman Melissa Neale Uses Stun Gun to Punish Daughter

A woman in Orlando is accused of punishing her daughter with a stun gun after the girl did not make oatmeal properly. 

Melissa Neale, 34, was staying at a friend's apartment when the incident happened on June 9. The woman reported the incident to police after she found a note the girl wrote indicating that she did not want to live anymore.

The girl reportedly was hit with the stun gun on her knee — causing her to fall to the floor screaming.

The woman, who's apartment Neale was staying at, said during her three-week stay she saw the parent abuse her children by punching them and pulling their hair.

Neale, however, is denying the charges of abuse. She said during the oatmeal incident, the stun gun was turned off. 

Police have confiscated the gun as evidence and noted burn marks on the girl's leg where the stun gun was used.

Neale said the marks were from a spoon.

But former Sheriff's Deputy James Copenhaver said stun guns make obvious marks on the skin because of their high voltage.

"No matter where you're impacted ... its going to cause obviously a red mark, probably puncture wounds, or a burn mark on the skin," he said. 

Neale's children are currently living with relatives.

Sources: Inquisitr, Huffington Post


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