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Orlando Shooter Believed To Be Islamic Radical

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Omar Mateen, the man identified as the suspect in the Orlando nightclub shooting that killed 50 people, was a radical Islamic extremist. 

Mateen was a 29-year-old Florida native, born of Afghan parents and held a security officer license, as well as a state firearms license, TMZ reported.

Authorities reportedly believe that while Mateen is believed to be an extremist, he was also targeting LGBT individuals. It is unknown as to whether Mateen acted alone or if the attack was part of a larger organized effort.

His father claimed, "this has nothing to do with religion," but that Mateen became angry after seeing two men kissing in Miami several months ago, according to NBC News, as reported by TMZ.

FBI assistant special agent Ronald Hopper told CNN there were signs that Mateen was an extremist. 

“We do have suggestions that that individual may have leanings toward that particular ideology but we can't say definitively,” he said. “Early on, when we had possible identification made, we run everything to ground, whether it winds up being the actual individual or not. And so, as I mentioned earlier, I can't say exactly who the suspect or deceased shooter is. Once we're able to do that, once the notification is made, then more details will be able to be shared, most likely from our counterterrorism division up at FBI headquarters.”

Sources: TMZ, CNN / Photo credit: ABC News

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