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Orlando Man Smuggles Puppies By Shoving Them Down His Pants (Video)

An Orlando man was caught smuggling puppies in his pants on Saturday, after surveillance footage of The Puppy Spot revealed two separate incidents of his theft.

In order to shift attention from himself, the man brought a couple and a toddler into the store with him, in order to be perceived as a family man and not a lone thief.

In the first video, the unidentified man stole an $800 pug puppy. In the second video, the man stole a $750 miniature dachshund puppy. In both videos the man can be seen lifting up his white t-shirt, unzipping his trousers and placing the puppy in the leg of his pants.

The two adults appeared to be shielding the man from staff and customers’ views.

After checking to see if anyone witnessed the act and browsing a little longer, the man left the store and could be seen putting the dog in his Crown Victoria car.

“I mean, you come here to steal a dog with a kid,” staff member Eddie Rosario said, “that’s insane.”

The store’s owner Charles Glass is offering $250 to anyone with information about the thief.

Police have warned not to buy puppies from anyone in a dark-colored Crown Victoria with front end damage, and encouraged people to report any such vehicle.

Sources: DailyMail, The Consumerist


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