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Oregon Walmart Worker Disciplined for Attempting to Help Distraught Puppy

Reports have surfaced that a worker at an Oregon Walmart was sent home and possibly even terminated after attempting to care for a puppy that had wandered into the store.

The female worker apparently tried to help the puppy, who was reported to be “obviously scared and hungry and cold” after it walked into Walmart Supercenter Store #1817.

Unfortuntaely, the worker’s actions didn’t fly with her manager, Ken. According to The Examiner, Ken told her she needed to “put the puppy back outside.” When the woman attempted to call a rescue group to pick the dog up, the manager “told her she was ‘disgusting’ for holding the puppy in a check stand.” Ken then allegedly told the employee to “get out.”

In order to verify the facts of the incident, American Pit Bull Examiner called the store. They were told that Ken was unavailable and that the information being posted on the Internet regarding the incident was untrue. An assistant manager was given the opportunity to give his version of events but chose to simply state that he “didn’t have to give out personal information about employees.”

When the APBE furthered questioned the assistant manager about whether the employee had been reinstated on the schedule, they received a negative response, which certainly left the impression that the Walmart worker had indeed been fired for saving the puppy.

This seems somewhat strange considering that Walmart’s online and in-store pet sales reportedly account for 25 percent of the pet products market, making it the No. 1 seller of pet products.

Source: The Examiner


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