Oregon Toddler Wearing Only Diaper Crashes Aunt’s Jeep Into Nearby Home (Video)


A 3-year-old Oregon boy managed to steal his aunt’s Jeep, crash it into a nearby house, and then ran home to watch cartoons.

Myrtle Creek police had already warned the toddler's mother, 22-year-old Brennan Pennington, just 30 minutes earlier about leaving the boy alone in the vehicle with the keys in the ignition.

Police say they received a call about a small boy left unattended in a Jeep Wrangler outside a home at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The toddler told an officer that his parents weren’t home but he was being watched by a relative, who was inside sleeping. They issued a warning to Pennington.

Amy Mayberry, the toddler’s aunt and the owner of the Jeep, told KPTV Thursday that the boy never had keys to vehicle. Mayberry says the boy got into the Jeep while Pennington was using the bathroom and accidently knocked it out of gear and it rolled into the house.

Witnesses told police they saw the car traveling down the street, through an intersection, over a curb and into a neighboring house. The boy, who was only wearing a diaper, then got out and ran home in order to watch cartoons on TV.

His mother found him on the couch watching TV "as if nothing had ever happened."

Police say Pennington was cited on charges of failing to supervise a child.

Sources: TheBlaze, KPTV

Image screenshot: KPTV


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