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Oregon Teens Call Black Students The N-Word (Video)

Two unidentified white teens, who attend Oregon City High School in Oregon, were recently caught on a Snapchat video (below) referring to African-American students using a racial slur.

The video went viral after it was captured and tweeted by ex-student Marcus Hasan on Dec. 16 with the caption: "People in OC don't get it...."

Warning: The video is not edited and contains graphic language and racial slurs.

In the offensive and graphic video, the students slam Principal Tom Lovell for allowing African-American students on campus: "Tom Lovell is a f***ing [N-word] who arranges five [N-words] a day coming into the school at OCHS. F*** him. F*** the tranny b****** b****."

Lovell caught wind of the video, and tweeted on Dec. 16: "Exactly the type of negative behavior that we've been trying to stop. It won't be tolerated. There will be severe consequences for this."

Hasan told KATU his feelings about the video:

It made me feel kind of sick because no one should be using [the N-word]. When I saw the video I just felt like I needed to post it because all the racist stuff that's been going around in [Oregon City], and I don't think like everybody really knows what that word means and why they shouldn't be saying that. I feel like these kids don't really feel like they know what they are doing, and they think it's OK.

The family of one of the boys in the video released a statement: "The incredible lack of respect displayed for Principal Lovell and others in that video is deplorable. The abhorrent views expressed in that video are not consistent with the values we live by or teach our children."

The Oregon City School District released a statement on Dec. 18:

An investigation is underway and individual students will face disciplinary action up to and possibly including expulsion. School administrators will also work with the students involved to make this situation a teachable moment and assist them in efforts to repair the pain caused by their actions and words.

There were also racial incidents at the school and at a nearby school in October and November.

Sources: KTVU, Marcus Hasan/Twitter / Photo credit: YouTube

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