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Oregon Teen Blue Kalmbach Gets 11 Years For Carving Swastika In Friend's Forehead

An Oregon teenager who carved a swastika into a friend’s forehead was sentenced Thursday to serve 11 years in the state’s custody. 

Multnomah County Judge Jean Kerr Maurer sentenced 16-year-old Blue Kalmbach after hearing him plead guilty to robbery, kidnapping and assault charges.

Kalmbach will likely serve most of his time at a youth correctional facility but could be transferred to an adult prison when he turns 25, according to The Oregonian.

“It's almost impossible to imagine this could happen between friends, but it did,” Maurer said before handing down the sentence.

Police and prosecutors said that Kalmbach and two other teens lured their victim, Dustyn Murrain, to a shed in their neighborhood in February. 

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There they forced Murrain to remove his shirt before shooting him in the chest and groin with a BB gun. The group then allegedly forced the 16-year-old to eat cat feces and hit him with a crow bar and bat, according to the Daily Mail.

Authorities said Kalmbach then carved a swastika into Murrain’s forehead with a box cutter. The group also stole the victim’s iPod and told him they wanted his money and skateboard as well. 

The other defendants in the case pleaded guilty to robbery and assault charges last month. Under the arranged plea deals Jess Taylor, 17, will serve seven years and nine months in a youth correctional facility and 15-year-old Jenna Montgomery will serve just under 10 years. 

"I'm appalled at what I did," Kalmbach told Murrain during a public apology in court, according to KOMO News. 

Kalmbach told investigators he instigated the attack because he was a victim of online bullying. Among other things, he claimed Murrain had called him gay on Facebook. 

Murrain’s mom, Kelli Murrain, said the attack probably had more to do with her son dating Kalmbach’s ex-girlfriend. 

Either way she remained perplexed by the the teenagers’ actions.

“Biggest question I have is how can anyone do this to another human being?” she said in court. “It would be nice if someone can explain that to me.”

Murrain said the scar on her son’s forehead has healed and is barely visible. He has not required surgery but he wears his bangs long to cover up the faint scarring.

“He's holding up. He's happy that this is over,’" she said. “All in all, he's a tough kid. He's a survivor.”

Sources: The Oregonian, Daily Mail, KOMO

Photo Source: Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian, Daily Mail


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