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Oregon Teacher Reportedly Used Tesla Coil To Burn 'I Love Mom' Into Students' Arms

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An Oregon high school science teacher was originally charged with criminal mistreatment after reportedly using a Tesla coil to burn words and images into the skin of students. The charges have since been dropped.

Samuel Dufner allowed students to use a Tesla coil during class last Thursday, according to police. Toward the end of the class, Dufner noted that the coil could be used to mark the skin and a handful of kids volunteered to be marked.

Dufner reportedly burned “I love mom” into students’ arms with a heart to symbolize the word love.

An angry parent complained about the burns on Friday, which began the investigation into Dufner’s actions.

“I can see where they would be mad, but honestly it doesn’t last more than a day and it really doesn’t hurt,” Caliah Lloyd, a South Salem High School student, said.

According to police, the choice was a lapse of judgment on Dufner’s part, despite his effort to inform kids about science.

An investigation into the case is ongoing.

Sources: Fox News, KOIN 6 / Photo Credit: Tesla Systems


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