Oregon State Police Dash Cam Video Captures Freeway Shooting (Video)


Oregon State Police released dramatic footage of a gun battle between a state trooper and driver Thursday, ending in the motorist’s death.

The video begins when state trooper Matthew Zistel pulls John Van Allen over for speeding, all of which is recorded by Zistel’s dash cam.

Van Allen, who is dressed in military garb, steps out of his car and holds one hand behind his back.

“Police!,” Zistel says. “Get back in the car for me.”

When Van Allen does not comply, Zistel repeats himself.

Again, Van Allen does not follow Zistel’s instructions, but instead begins walking toward Zistel and whips out a handgun.

Van Allen shoots Zistel in the side, then runs back to his car and speeds down the highway.

Zistel hurriedly reports the incident, noting that he was shot in the side, as it appears that Van Allen makes a clean getaway.

However, investigators say that when Zistel returned fire, he shot Van Allen in the chest, though it is not apparent in the video. Troopers eventually found Allen half a mile down the road, where he was slumped over the wheel, dead.

Van Allen had his three children in the car with him — a 10-year-old girl, a 13-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy.

The Sherman County district attorney later found Zistel justified in using deadly force.

Sources: The Blaze, Oregon Live


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