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Oregon Standoff Is Finally Over

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The standoff in Oregon between armed protestors and law enforcement has reportedly come to an end.  The only remaining occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge turned themselves in to the FBI on Feb. 11.

The occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon by armed anti-government protestors had lasted 41 days, reports the Daily Mail.

Three of the last four occupiers peacefully surrendered to the FBI after 9:30 a.m., reports The New York Times.  The three militants reportedly called out that they were unarmed and had their hands up, and did not resist arrest by law enforcement.

The last armed occupant of the federal wildlife refuge, David Fry, initially refused to surrender.  Fry listed grievances and accusations against the federal government, and said that he was suicidal.

“I declare war against the federal government,” Fry said.  “I’ve peacefully voted and nothing is ever done.”

Fry reportedly talked to thousands of listeners in an online, live streamed exchange. He was being urged to hand himself in peacefully by supporters, including Nevada legislator Michele Fiore.  The live stream continued for several hours, reports CNN.

“A dead man can’t talk, a dead man can’t write.  We just have to stay together, stay alive,” Fiore said.

Fry eventually turned himself in peacefully about one hour after the other three armed occupiers. 

The arrests of the last four occupiers of the Oregon wildlife refuge followed the arrest of Cliven Bundy, a prominent anti-government activist, on Feb. 10.  Bundy led another armed stalemate between protestors and law enforcement in Nevada in 2014. 

All of the 16 antigovernment protestors arrested in Oregon are currently being charged with conspiracy to impede federal officers.

The armed occupiers were reportedly acting on a historical opposition of ranchers to federal land management policy in the West.  The protestors were hoping to incite a mass movement of disaffected ranchers, which never came into being. 

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Sources: CNN, The Daily Mail, The New York Times / Photo Credit: Daily Mail via Youtube

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