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Oregon School District To Allow Teachers To Give Condoms To Sixth-Graders

An Oregon school district has approved a plan that will allow teachers to hand out condoms to students in sixth through 12th grade next fall.

The Gervais School District approved the measure to give out free condoms after an Oregon Health and Science University study in 2013 found that 7 percent of girls at Gervais High School had been pregnant. In 2014, nine students in the district were impregnated.

It’s not just a big bowl of free condoms, though. Students will have to meet with someone designated to give out the condoms and at that point the teacher plans to have a conversation with the student about it.

“If they wanted a condom, they would have to meet with a teacher — a designated teacher, the sex ed teacher, or some of our counselors and maybe some administrators. So there would be designated people for students to have a conversation with and then a condom would be distributed at that time,” Superintendent Rick Hensel told CBS Seattle.

Administrators haven’t decided yet whether they will notify parents when kids ask for condoms.

“It is great for parents. I’m a parent of four girls. The conversations have started and they will continue,” Molly McCargar, a school board member, told KOIN-TV. “Unfortunately not all of our kids have that support at home.”

Some parents, however, don’t like the new policy.

“I just disagree with it,” Kim Hults told KOIN. “I don’t think elementary kids should be around it.”

The school board says they’re not aware of any concerns from parents about the new policy.

Sources: CBS Seattle, KOIN


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