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Oregon Police Say Independence Day Weekend is 'No Refusal Weekend' (Video)

Police in Oregon have dubbed the upcoming Fourth of July weekend a "No Refusal Weekend."

While most Americans associate Independence Day with freedom, it also means that mandatory blood tests for motorists will be required by the Eugene, Springfield and Oregon State police (video below).

If drivers refuse to take an alcohol breath test, police will quickly obtain "blood draw warrants."

These warrants will allow police to take those who refuse to take a breathalyzer to a jail, medical facility or mobile bus, where a medic can perform a blood test, notes KEZI.

"One thing that's often forgotten about is that the person that caused that DUI crash is a normal person, upstanding citizen, and their life gets turned upside down and destroyed in an instant from their one bad choice," Police Officer Ryan Stone told KVAL.

"We want to make sure we're doing everything we can to prevent the victims, people keep getting hurt and killed, and also from somebody turning their whole life inside out and throwing everything away," added Stone.

Sources: KEZI and KVAL


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