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Oregon Police Officer Slaps 10-Year-Old Child After He Bit The Officer's Hand (Video)

A Eugene, Ore., police officer, who was responding to a report of a child custody issue, ended up slapping the boy after apparently being bit by the youngster. The incident is caught on video.

Police said the 10-year-old boy ran from officers at Monroe Park at the urging of his mother's friends. A woman starts filming as the officer walks the boy back to the park after running down the child.

"You do not hit that child. You do not hit an underage child," a woman screams at the officer, who responded that the boy had bit him, according to KBOI.

An investigation by Eugene Police Department officers revealed that the boy was in the custody of his mother, Stephanie Johnston, against a court order for the past few years. Officers believe the boy has never attended school and is reported to be illiterate.

The father of the boy, Brian Wolfe, has a court order awarding him full custody, with Johnston not being granted any parenting time.

Officers took custody of the boy and returned him to Wolfe, reported Lane Today. The officer whose hand was bit received a very minor injury, according to a press release from EPD.

No charges are being filed at this time and the case is being referred to Lane County District Attorney’s Office. The involved parties were contacted by Department of Human Services and plan an extensive follow-up of the situation.

Warning: The following video contains graphic language and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sources: KBOI, Lane Today


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