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Oregon Police Drag Wheelchair-Bound Man Out Of Car (Video)

Oregon Police Drag Wheelchair-Bound Man Out Of Car (Video) Promo Image

Police in Stayton, Oregon, reportedly dragged a disabled man, Robert Twede, out of his vehicle and yelled at him (video below).

Twede's teen daughter, Lizzy Gonzales, filmed and posted a video of the incident on Facebook on July 14. In the video, the police repeatedly tell Twede to get out of his car, but Twede and his daughter repeatedly tell the police that he needs his wheelchair and cannot stand.

Twede described what happened in the Facebook comments section:

The events leading up to this video begin Two months prior when i had an altercation with the same arresting deputy Daniel Altabef where he attempeted to pull me over within 2 blocks of my house. I will admit to me not instantly pulling over but in my situation where i always have my handicapped weiner dog with me if im with in reasonable distance i just drive home.

Keep in mind i abide by all the normal traffic laws when doing so just as i did last night, never broke the speed limit, used my turn signal and although i did flip them the bird out my window i had my 12 year old son in the car and was no way hostile. In april of 2017 after following me home and trying to get me for a duii for marjuiana at which point he asked me with my son as a witness and i quote "I know this may be a stupid question but, i see you have a wheelchair, are you able to walk?"

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Soon following the comment and him and his fellow officers understanding that i have to have my chair to get around watch me build it so they could do a field sobriety test... Which i passed and was let go with traffic infractions. This is the same officer that i just so happened to encounter on wilco rd in stayton or early this morning which lead up to this video in my driveway taken by my 14 year old daughter.

It was very clear that this was an officer taking out his frustrations from an earlier incident where he held a grudge... Just look at him look up at the camera just before he shoves my head down to the floor and then look back up and after the video stops they end up having my daughter build my chair for me and put me in it.

Which is all i was asking for to begin with if im going to jail fine if u feel i alluded you then fine but how does that justify me not being able to use my legs and needing my chair and just ripping me out of the car anyway after i clearly told them that i would cooperate if they could let me have my chair which they ended up doing anyway.

The Stayton Police Department has not commented on the incident, but some Facebook users slammed the officers on the department's Facebook page:

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Wow, I have a video of stayton police dragging a man out of his car after he stated several times he couldn't get out of his car without his wheel chair. Instead of giving him his wheel chair, they drug him out of the car and threw him onto the ground! Way to go SPD! That is classy.

[T]hat video of them dragging that guy out of the car. i hope some one shoots this cops and his partners f****** brains out.

Sources: Lizzy Gonzales/Facebook, Stayton Police Department/Facebook / Photo Credit: Mr Thinktank/Flickr, Oregon Department of Transportation/Flickr, Richard Bauer/Flickr

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