Oregon Police Arrest Autistic Man Voicing Rights (Video)


Five police officers in Ashland, Oregon, were caught on video (below) arresting a homeless autistic man who reportedly told them that another homeless man was allowed to have a service dog in public on May 19.

Human Rights Oregon, which posted the video on their Facebook page on July 12, wrote: "...the person who filmed this...had not yet started filming when the officer poked him in the chest, that physical contact from the police officer is why they then began to film the event that unfolds here..."

"Read your f------ laws, jackass," the man, who allegedly is on the Asperger's spectrum of autism, tells the police while sitting on a bench, seconds before they move in on him.

The cops tell him, "Stop resisting!"

"My muscles are locked, I can't unlock them," the autistic men tells the cops as they begin to take him into custody. Moments later the police push him down on the concrete while some shocked bystanders watch.

"What the hell are they doing?" one woman says.

"Practicing their rape tactics," a man replies.

The video has gone viral, prompting a response from the Ashland Police Department, notes KDRV:

The backup officer recognized the man in the video from another incident where he was hostile toward police. Also, the backup officer clearly noted that he was much bigger than both officers, estimating him to be 6’5” and about 300lbs.

The larger man continued to yell at the two officers and walked toward them. One of the officers felt the man was being intimidating and told him to lower his voice and step back. He continued to yell and came at the officer. The officer thought he was going to be attacked, went for his Taser with one hand and pressed his other hand out to stop him from moving forward. When the man refused he was told he was interfering with a police officer and needed to get back. He still refused.

The officer made the decision to arrest the man for interfering, however knew it would be very difficult for two officers to arrest him without anyone getting hurt. The decision was made to request additional resources in order to take the man into custody safely. The officer knew he was in the middle of a highly agitated situation and did not want anyone (the man or the officers) to get hurt.

The officer knew that additional officers would allow for the least amount of force to be used if it were necessary. As you can see in the video, his behavior continued. There are several more details, including our officers body camera video footage, however, as it’s still a pending case with the court, we can only offer this limited explanation for now.

The Jackson County DA’s Office filed three charges: resisting arrest, interfering with police and disorderly conduct. The case has not been adjudicated yet.

Sources: Human Rights Oregon/FacebookKDRV / Photo Credit: Human Rights Oregon/Facebookvia YouTube

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