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Oregon Plumber Yells Hispanic Insults At Arab Woman, Gets Fired (Video)

A plumber was recently fired after being caught on a cell phone video (below) shouting Hispanic slurs at Susan Khalaf, who is of Jordanian descent, in Beaverton, Oregon, on Jan. 5.

Khalaf told KGW that the unidentified plumber was yelling at her while behind her vehicle, then pulled up next to her at a red light and began yelling again. She pulled out her cell phone, and filmed him at a second red light.

On the video, the man is heard yelling, "Beaner!" and "Wetback!" repeatedly, and clapping.

Khalaf's video went viral on Facebook, YouTube and Reddit.

"I don't believe that the majority of people are racist or have hatred, so it was just nice to see all the support," said Khalaf, who was born in California.

"I wanted to expose him and people to see what kind of person he is, and then also hopefully he'll learn something from it and maybe change," Khalaf added.

Walcott Plumbing emailed KOIN 6 News a statement that confirmed the man was an employee, but was driving his own car while off the job. The president of the plumbing company fired the plumber after learning about the video.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office plans to contact the plumber about his language, but admitted that he had not broken any laws per free speech protections.

Sources: KGW, KOIN 6 News / Photo Credit: Susan Khalif via YouTube Screenshot

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