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Oregon Official Gets Death Threat For Opposing 'In God We Trust' (Video)

Klamath County, Oregon, is considering funding a display that would read "In God We Trust" inside a county building.

Residents David and Carol Warren have been pushing the proposal, and are offering a free "In God We Trust" bumper sticker to people who donate to their cause.

"We believe God wants us to do this," Carol told Oregon Live.

"God's people don't know each other unless we go to the same church," Carol added. "We believe difficult days are coming, and it would be so good if we could know more of our neighbors who trust in God, and this bumper sticker will help us identify each other."

Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams favors the the display, and believes Christians are getting shut out by non-Christian minorities.

"We have been little by little getting watered down in our beliefs," Mallams said. "I think we need to be more vocal."

Klamath Falls city councilwoman Trish Seiler, who opposes the idea, wrote an editorial in a local newspaper about the separation of church and state.

In response, Seiler got a typewritten letter from an anonymous source last month, she told KOBI (video below). The letter contained profanity, racial slurs and a death threat.

The author of the letter claimed to have "Christian morality," and stated, "Maybe we could have the privilege of seeing your wonderful Muslims behead your (expletive) ugly (expletive)!!!”

The letter was signed by "American Citizen for saving Americans for America."

According to Herald and News, Seiler responded with a public statement:

All of us on council have received anonymous phone calls from people angry with a particular statement or position. It’s part of the job. Not this time. This time the terrorist who wrote the cowardly, anonymous, bullying letter I received has called for my death. And not just any death, but death by beheading.

Sources: Herald and News, Oregon Live, KOBI
Image Credit: KOBI Screenshot


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