Oregon NORML's Cannabis Cafe Re-Opens


It’s been a hectic first week at the Oregon NORMLWorld Famous Cannabis Café. Last Saturday, the grand re-opening featured a barbecue out in the sun in the parking lot.  Dozens turned out over the afternoon and evening to consume cannabis and socialize out on the shielded outdoor patio and downstairs in the 4,000 square foot café / lounge.

As word spread throughout the week about our new location, we saw the return of many of our old friends, customers from our previous location. They are agog at the magnificent new setting. The clean, classy, and huge interior was the main comment of praise I heard, followed by those folks excited to play free pool, shuffleboard, and air hockey. We haven’t even finished outfitting the back game room with the two big screens for simultaneous Xbox and Wii play.

I volunteered there all week; it’s hard to stay away when the place is a ten-minute walk away from my studios. I hooked up a dual band wireless network, with a 2.4GHz channel dedicated to the café patrons for free wi-fi and a 5GHz channel dedicated to the Xbox and Wii for live network gaming and to the café big screen for streaming Netflix and internet video.

Wednesday night there was a movie night with patrons enjoying Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” on Blu-Ray. I haven’t had the chance yet to set up the surround sound; that will make the experience even more enjoyable. Throughout the week patrons enjoyed “Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical”, “Avatar”, “Half-Baked”, and the new documentary that features café founder Madeline Martinez at the old location, “What if Cannabis Cures Cancer?”

About the only bad situation that arose was when we tried to do our live show from the café on Friday. Our studio laptop picked that day to have issues with Flash encoder, our sound board couldn’t route the Skype interview line without an echo, and the cell reception was too poor for us to make do with our Skype Plan B. We had to abort the show midway through and were unable to save any portion of it. However, we stayed late and gave exclusive tours to the audience throughout the evening with our remote laptop, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Next mission: getting College Football Gamecast so I can watch my beloved Boise State Broncos roll to another undefeated season and a first-ever I-A FBS National Championship.


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